Axel Kattar

Project 7

Early Stage Researchers

Axel Kattar is a doctoral candidate at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Born and raised in Paris, France, he moved to the Netherlands to pursue a bachelor in chemical engineering at the University of Twente, which he finished with a project entitled “Light controlled self-assembly of azobenzene-based tubular nanostructures”. His masters program focused on materials and molecules engineering which brought him for four months at I3S in Porto, Portugal, to study the adhesion of epithelial cells to collagen hydrogels to develop a new 3D intestinal model. He then graduated with a research project on the subject of cellular uptake and intracellular trafficking of single-chain glycopolymer nanoparticles.

While coming from a chemical engineering background his area of interest lies within the field of controlled drug delivery. His research activity is therefore nowadays focused on ocular drug delivery through the use of nanomicelles to fight diabetic eye diseases.

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